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Porta del Sol

Frequent Asked Question

Question: What are the Names of the Building and Property Administrators and How can I contact them?

Condominium Playa Almirante I's Building and Property Administrator is Margarita Detres.

Condominium Playa Almirante III's Building and Property Administrator is Iris Irizarry.

Their contact information can be found on the Meet the Board section of our web site.

Question: What are the Names and Working hours of the Building and Property Maintenance Managers?

Condominium Playa Almirante I's Building and Property Maintenance Manager is ?? and he works from Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm.

Condominium Playa Almirante III's Building and Property Maintenance Manager is ?? and he works from Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm.

Question: What mailing address do we use when sending in our dues payments?

Condominium Playa Almirante I's residents should mail all payments to:

  Consejo de Titulares Playa Almirante I
  PO BOX 6536
  MAYAGUEZ, PR 00681-6536

Condominium Playa Almirante III's residents should mail all payments to:

  Consejo de Titulares Playa Almirante III
  RR 1 BOX 23063
  ANASCO, PR 00610-9779

Question: What You Should Know Before You Buy At Playa Almirante?

Buying a Condo is like buying shares in a nonprofit Real Estate holding corporation. You don't just buy a home, you enter into a partnership. Condo's are common-interest developments. You own your unit, or at least everything on your side of the walls. But you also own a share in common areas and you're responsible for their upkeep.

Guided by a board of directors, the Association manages dues and other money collected to fund the annual budget. Monies are dispersed for repairs and upkeep of common areas, buildings, other structures, landscaping, lighting, walks, paving, pools and the like, and other operating expenses.

If you're considering buying a property at Playa Almirante, make sure you are familiar with our rules and regulations before you make your offer. Read them carefully to see if you will be comfortable complying with those rules.

Note: Be aware that there is a $500.00 Construction Fee paid at closing to the Association when you buy a Condo at Playa Almirante.

Question: I understand that Pets are NOT allowed in Playa Almirante. Is there a Pet Sitting Services nearby?
Yes. There is a private house and pet sitting service with Mag Ruby 787-823-4171 and there is the Vet Tech Jason Valentin at 787-823-4277, both in Rincon. There is also Dr. Marrero in Mayaguez 787-834-6050. You can also contact the Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincon for more references.
Question: Can I use Playa Almirante's facilities to celebrate a private party?
Yes. You can request the use of a particular area to celebrate a private party, however only the gazebo could be reserved exclusively. The administrator keeps a calendar of activities to avoid more than one activity on the same area on the same day. The resident celebrating the activity will be solely responsible for their guess and their behavior.
Question: I would like to make a Pool Party. Are there any special rules I should know?
Yes. You need to request the use of the pool to celebrate any private party. Be aware that the condominium insurance does not cover private activities hosted by an individual resident. We strongly recommend that you keep your party to one pool so other residents can enjoy the use of the pool as usual. We also recommend that you hire life guards if you are going to have kids under 16. No food or beverage will be allowed inside the pool and under no circumstance glass bottle should be introduce pass the gates of the pool area. Remember that the resident celebrating the activity will be solely responsible for their guess and their behavior; please brief them on Playa Almirante's Rules.
Question: What is our dues money used for?
The association is responsible for maintaining all common areas owned by the association. Our biggest expenditures include (1) Wastewater Treatment Plant, (2) Paying for maintenance of common areas, (3) on-site employees and contracting with an Administrator to collect dues, submit taxes, handle complaints, coordinate liens, etc.
Question: Do my condo maintenance fees pay for homeowner's insurance on my unit?
No. The association's policy insures the exterior and structural portions of the building only, not the interior of your unit or your contents. This policy also covers the shared areas of the development including walkways, grounds, elevators, lobby, amenities such as pool, and parking areas - known as the "common elements" of your building. The coverage includes both fire coverage (known as hazard insurance) and liability insurance.
Question: If I have a leak in a water pipe and my unit is flooded, will the building insurance pay for my losses?
That depends on whether the pipe that caused the leak is a "common element" owned by the association, or a part of your unit alone. This is one of the most common problems that make condo occupants glad that they have unit insurance! If the pipe is within your unit, you will need to pay for the repairs out of pocket unless you have condo insurance. If the water is coming from another unit above or next to you, another owner may be responsible who may or may not have insurance coverage. And if your water seeps into another adjacent home, you may be held responsible for your neighbor's damage, too!
Question: What's involved in remodeling or making major modifications to my unit?

Formal approval of the work, a $30,000 work insurance cover and a description of how the work will be performed is generally required. Scheduling, particularly work hours, and coordination with property staff to provide access to you contractors and delivery of materials will likely be required.

Talk with the Administrator or any board member to learn the rules and abide by them. Communicate frequently and in writing, follow procedures, include a requirement to follow all building rules and regulations in contracts with your contractors, and be considerate of your neighbors and community during the process.

Question: Where can I find La Escritura Matrix or el Reglamento?

Must documents can be find on-line on our document's section at:

Question: Who built this web site?

Gamal H. Mustafa volunteer his time to design, develop and write most of the underlying software code, He also created large portions of the content. If you would like to join him in this project please fell free to send him an e-mail.

Question: What technology does the web site employ?

The web site is developed and hosted using the Linux platform using Apache for the web server, mySQL as the database, and PHP as the page development and scripting language. Some other CGI programs are also employed. The primary reasons for the choice of this platform were the available features, ease of development, low cost (generally free), and wide support availability.


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